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Preliminary Specification of TSML’s DRI

The typical specification of the DRI pellets to be produced at TSML is presented below:   These pellets shall be produced under the close supervision of DRI experts originating from Midrex (USA), Kobe (Japan), MMTE (Iran), and ATH (Saudi Arabia).

Items DRI Pellet Unit Expected  Specification Minimum Specification 
Fe. Total % 92  91
Fe. Metallic % 86 84.5
Metallization % 93 92
Carbon % 2.5 1.5
Sulfur % 0.003 0.0005 (Max)
Phosphorous % 0.035 0.04 (Max)
Gangue % 4.5 5 (Max)
Size mm 4 - 20 4 - 20
-5 mm % 3 #
Bulk Density t/m3 1.6- 1.9 1.6- 1.9
Metallization = (Fe. Metallic %/Fe. Total % )*100

TSML‘s properly passivated DRI pellets shall be offered for sale in domestic/international market around beginning of fourth quarter 2009.   The selling shall be done either through world renowned steel traders or direct to industrial users as well.  Depending upon customer requirements, the passivated DRI shall be packed in heavy duty 2 ton polypropylene (PP) sealed bags.   Packing in 50-70 Kg polyvinyl sealed bags is also being considered.  The shipment of sealed bags will be in compliance with Maritime regulations. 

Production Process Process Flow Chart Product Specifications

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